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Apprenticeships bring benefits to individuals, employers and the wider community and as such, Government considers they should be a shared investment. The level of public money available to support Apprenticeships varies for different groups according to government priorities.

• 16-18 year olds – high priority, full funding is available as long as it is needed to support learning

• 19-23 year olds – there is an expected employer contribution of around 50%

• 24 years and older – the government contribution is lower and may not be available at all. Remember this does not mean you should not take on an older Apprentice, it simply reflects the availability of public funding

Many employers are keen to ensure that they demonstrate value for the public contribution they receive to support their Apprenticeships. They do so in a number of ways, such as offering additional training and enhanced activities, by providing employees with the opportunity to complete an Apprenticeship regardless of funding availability, and supporting other employers to engage with Apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship funding is available to support specific, eligible individuals.
The current, headline rules for accessing Apprenticeships are:
• Residency – must be settled in the UK or EEA for 3 years prior to start
• Must be employed
• Must have reached school leaving date
• Must not have level 4 qualification or higher for intermediate and advanced Apprenticeships
• Must not be in full-time education